Hill Country Pitch Day 2018

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Hill Country Pitch Day 2018

by Hill Country Pitch Day 2018

The entrepreneur spirit is as much a part of the Texas life as cowboy hats and wide open spaces. Texas was built on the ingenuity and resourcefulness of generations of small businesses.

Small business owners are the new adventurers, boldly taking risks and staking out new territory in a fierce competitive environment. They keep America at the top of the strongest economies in the world.

Sometimes, the only thing stopping a great idea from becoming a great business is money. Whether it’s a one-man-shop who needs to hire help or a thriving business outgrowing their facility, small businesses need operating capital to grow.

At Texas Business Buyers, we want to encourage locals with an entrepreneurial mindset to grow their businesses, and at the same time, stimulate the Hill Country’s economy. That’s why we launched the Hill Country Pitch Day with our friends at the the Kerrville and Fredericksburg Chambers of Commerce and the Kerrville Economic Development Corporation.

The Hill Country Pitch Day is a unique opportunity to connect the Hill Country’s best business minds with a panel of Angel Investors.

Do you fit into either of those categories?

The event is open to any small business that is looking to grow their operations in Kerr County or the surrounding region. If you pass our simple application process, we will give you an opportunity to present your business and your need to the panel. If you’ve ever watched the TV Show, “Shark Tank,” you have an idea of what we’re talking about.

Space is extremely limited, and requests have been pouring in since we did the first Pitch Day in November 2017, so only the strongest business cases will get through. Even if you are selected to be one of the presenters, we cannot guarantee that our angel investors will want to invest in your business.

“I’ve previously started two companies with the help of angel investment and have navigated the economic development process as an entrepreneur,” says Clint Fiore, President of Texas Business Buyers, who initiated this event. “Because of that, I constantly get people asking me how to begin to raise capital and bring their dreams to life. Our region is business-friendly and has tons of wealth and wisdom. All the right ingredients are here. After we did our first Pitch Day, in November 2017, we knew that this event had the potential to become an important regular part of the local economy.”

The event will be held on October 23, at VK Garage. Networking and hors-d’oeuvres will start at 6:00, with doors closing and pitches starting promptly at 6:30 pm. The evening will conclude by 8:30 p.m.

Click here to begin the application process. It only takes a few seconds to begin the process, and you don’t have to have your entire business case ready before you apply. We’ll ask for it when we’re ready. To improve your odds of being selected, be ready to show us a track record of satisfied clients and a solid book of new business.

The event is open to the public and free of charge. VIP Reserved seating is available for accredited investors and media. Please direct questions to [email protected] or visit facebook.com/texasbusinessbuyers.

Published June 20, 2018

Topics: Business Development

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